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Replaceable Thermocouple

A unique spring-loaded thermocouple that is removeable, which allows it to be interchaged between emitters. The ungrounded thermocouple is inserted into a standard bore in the mounting post of the Salamander ceramic emitter. This provides flexibility and ease of installation, maintenance, and zoning.

Specifications : Type J or K, with 24" (305 mm) leads.
Part #'s: J-24-A (Type J Thermocouple)
  K-24-A (Type K Thermocouple)
Cast-in Thermocouple - Permanent, fast response, cast-in thermocouples embedded within the element during manufacturing. Available only in type K.
Potted-in Thermocouple - This type of thermocouple can be added after the heater has been kiln fired. Both type J and K thermocouples are available.



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