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Types of Reflectors

Reflector Assemblies for use with Ceramic Heaters

Type SWB/R/A - Reflector Only

Made from 20 Ga. [.036" (.9mm)] polished aluminized steel with one or more terminal blocks and mounting studs. Can be fitted with either FTE, FFE, HTE, or HFE ceramic emitters and mounted in any direction.

Type SWB/

A complete reflector assembly with reflector, outer case, terminal blocks and a red pilot light. They can be fitted with either FTE, FFE, HTE, or HFE type ceramic emitters. Both the reflector and outer case are manufactured from 20 Ga. [.36" (.9mm)] polished aluminized steel. The units are prewired and suitable for applications operating in free air at 70F (21 Deg.c). The SWB has a mounting system that is easily adjustable to change the angle/direction it is facing.

Type CRP - Ceramic Radiant Panel

This heavy duty, modular panel is manufactured from 20 Ga. [.36" (.9mm)] aluminized steel, insulated with ceramic fiber insulation, per-wired and assembled with 3 LTE emitters and customized to your application. Available wired as a three phase or single phase panel. An optional thermocouple is also available.


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