Radiant Emission Patterns of Ceramic Sealed Emitters Infrared Heaters

Concentrated Uniform Wide Area

Ceramic emitters are manufactured with three basic emitter faces: concave, flat, and convex. These emitter face styles will result in the specific radiant emission patterns as shown above. Note: Infrared radiation is emitted at right angles to the emission surface.

Concentrated: The concave surface will emit a "concentrated" radiant pattern which is highly effective when zone heating is desired as well as radiant heating in general.

Uniform: The flat surface will produce a "uniform" pattern for even heating at a close proximity between the emitter and the target being heated.

Wide Area: The convex shape gives off a "wide area" pattern which is desirable in comfort heating or other applications that require a dispersed radiant emission pattern.

The radiant emission grid can be used to determine the proper ceramic emitter spacing when used in an application such as an infrared panel. In order to achieve an even heat pattern it is critical that the emitters are spaced so that their radiant emission patterns overlap when reaching the target. The more overlap that occurs, the more even the heat will be across the face of the product being heated. The area of highest radiant emission intensity for a single emitter is shown within the two dark crossed lines on the grid. In order for element emissions to overlap, the dashed line shows an intersection point at a distance of 7" will occur if the emitters are placed a distance of 2" apart from edge to edge. This same concept should be used to either determine the distance to place the product if using an existing panel, or placement of emitters if building a panel to guarantee radiant emission overlap.


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