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Ceramic Infrared Heaters

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Quartz Infrared Heating Elements
  • Medium wavelength radiation.
  • The most preferred source of heat when rapid heater response is needed.
  • The heaters are comprises of a series of quartz tubes running parallel to each other within a highly reflective steel housing.
  • Watt densities up to 30 w / in. (46.5 kw / m ).
Short Wave Infrared Lamp

Infrared heat is transmitted directly in the form of electromagnetic rays, at a velocity of approx. 300,000 km/sec: i.e. at the speed of light.

Short Wave IR emitters are suitable for all applications in which the attainment of high temperatures in the shortest possible time is what counts.


A unique spring-loaded thermocouple that is removeable, which allows it to be interchaged between emitters. The ungrounded thermocouple is inserted into a standard bore in the mounting post of the Salamander ceramic emitter. This provides flexibility and ease of installation, maintenance, and zoning.

Microtubular Coiled Heaters Microtubular coiled heaters are manufactured to a revolutionary design, which makes them the best choice in the most demanding conditions.
The resistive wire is uniformly distributed in a compacted MgO insulation, with a CrNi-steel outer protection sheath.
Reflectors Type SWB/R/A - Reflector Only
Type CRP - Ceramic Radiant Panel


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